Five exotic destinations

Traveling is not always expensive. Actually, there are a few countries that you can visit with little money. Here’s a list with our top 5 picks budget holiday destinations.

exotic destinations Bali, Indonesia

It is one of the most popular exotic destinations. Traveling here is cheap and Bali has many beautiful temples that you can visit. It also has Safari and the Elephant cave, two of the most beautiful touristic attractions in the area. Marge, from Baltimore Limo Service, just came back raving about the experience.

Of course, Bali has excellent beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming and if you want to tour the island with a local guide it only costs around 20 Euros. The food prices are also low, a lunch at a fast food costs around 2 euros and a restaurant meal for two costs around 20 euros. The hotel rooms are also incredible cheap, the price for a night at a three star hotels starting around 10 euros per night.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is one place that you can never forget. The beach is perfect for relaxation, sunbathing and for surf. Here you can find numerous adventures parks and see real crocodiles and many other interesting animals. The food is really cheap in Jaco, a normal meal at a local fast food in Jaco costs approximately 7 euro and the price for a meal for two at a restaurant costs around 30 euros. The hotels are also affordable prices for a night at a three stars hotel starting from 10 euros.

Montanita, Ecuador

If you ever visit this beautiful destination you will fall in love with it. This village from Ecuador is the perfect place for a low-budget exotic holiday. Here, for approximately 50 euros you can visit Isla de la Plata where you can see whales and plenty of unique species of birds. Montanita is a popular surfing destination and you can take lessons or just stand on the shore and look at the professionals.

Mexico City, Mexico

On the list of exotic destinations that are perfect for a limited budget is the capital of Mexico. This beautiful city has plenty of touristic attraction: The National Museum of History, The National Museum of Anthropology, The Palace of Arts, The Chapultepec Park, The Almeda Central Park and the National Palace. The prices are low in Mexico City and a lunch at a fast food costs around 5 euros. A lunch in a restaurant for two costs around 25 euros.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok offers everything a tourist can dream of. Thailand’s capital is wild, colorful and full of touristic attractions like: The National Museum, The Wang Na Palace and the Wat Traimit Temple. Thailand has a very popular kitchen and you should take advantage of this if you ever visit Bangkok. The prices for a meal from a street food stand is around 2 euros.

Traveling on a budget is easy if you pick the right destination. These five places are our favorites but there are other exotic destinations that are waiting to be discovered.

The beauty is Southeastern Europe – Romania

Romania is one of the newest European Union members and it started attracting more and more tourists in the past 5 years. It is a developing country that has not only natural riches but also cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. Our partner, Jaisa, who owns Glen Burnie Used Appliances ( says you should believe us, it is well worth the trip!


One of the most popular destinations in Romania is Bran castle, or as the rest of the world knows it, Dracula’s Castle. Located on a cliff, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains and with the beautiful gothic architecture the Bran castle is not only one of the scariest castles in the world but also the biggest castle in Romania. Not far from Bran castle, one of the best skiing resorts in Romania, Poiana Brasov is awaiting it’s guests every winter with stunning landscapes, mulled wine and traditional food.

Romania’s capital, Bucharest is situated in the southern region of the country. Here you can see the House of Parliament, one of the biggest buildings in Europe. It was built by the last Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. There are plenty of beautiful places to see in Bucharest so make sure you take at least two days to visit the city. In the heart of the city, there’s the Herastrau Park, a quiet place where you can take a break from the noisy city life and relax. You can take a walk on the beautiful never-ending alleys, rent a bike to explore the surroundings or rent a boat and go into an incredible adventure on the Herastrau Lake.

There are many beautiful things in Transylvania and one of them is the salt mine in Turda. It is one of the most beautiful underground museum in Romania, if you visit it in summer, there’s a beautiful salt lake, Durgau Lake, nearby where you can swim and relax. Not very far from Turda, there’s a city of a huge importance in Romania, Cluj Napoca. The city is an important cultural center, and has many beautiful museums and churches.

If you are looking for a quiet, green heaven, Maramures is one of the most beautiful, authentic Romanian regions. Traveling to Maramures might seem like a time travel, since most of the villages have kept their original architecture. Proud and happy, the peasants that live here are expecting each year thousands of tourists that are willing to discover their traditions and the tasty Romanian food. Mocanita, one of the few steam powered trains that are still working in Europe is taking the tourists into an amazing journey into the green heart of Romania.

The Danube Delta is a unique natural reservation in the Southeast region of the country. Having no less than 311 different bird species, it is one of the most important deltas in the world. It has three main canals ( Sulina, Chilia, Sfantu Gheorghe) that are connected through many waterways. To explore this beautiful natural wonder you can take a Danube River Cruise or go on one-day boat tours. There are 15 different one-day tours that you can take from Tulcea so make sure that you know which part of the delta you want to visit.

Top Holiday Destinations In 2018

Planning for a vacation can be quite tasking, especially if you have no idea of places you ought to visit. There is so much to be done, ranging from making a budget and traveling arrangements to picking a suitable place. More often than not, we even decide to go back to that unsatisfying resort we went the previous year. It’s 2018, and you can do much better than that. How about a list of the top destinations which are worth checking out this year?

Top HolidayBotum Sakor National Park – Cambodia

Stretching across Cambodia’s southwestern corner, Botum Sakor is ranked as the largest national park in the country. It has a varied ecosystem, which ranges from coastal plains to a dense evergreen rainforest and grasslands. Tourists enjoy the southwest elephant corridor, which covers over 700 square miles. It boasts quite a big population of elephants, waterfalls, saltwater crocodiles, rare birds and tiny villages.

The high tourist numbers have seen a rise in eco-oriented tented camps, offering affordable accommodation. If you enjoy camping during your vacation, you will definitely love the rainforest sanctuary. Designed with a vintage African theme, the sanctuary offers over fifteen stilted tents for tourists, a bar, and restaurant as well as a spa for an all-out holiday experience.

The Turquoise Coast – Turkey

If your idea of an exciting holiday involves a coastline and getting sunbathed, then this will be such a treat for you. The Turquoise coast is characterized by a glittering blue seaboard, giving you over a three hundred mile loop of a beautiful coastline. You will get to visit tiny fishing villages and sleep in a chic resort of your choice.

Despite the tourist numbers dropping in recent years due to political unrest in the country, 2017 saw a 28% increase. Turkey is slowly reclaiming its lost glory as a top tourist destination, with the numbers set to keep rising this year.

Cape Verde Islands

If you’re all for music, pristine beaches, and rich culture, these islands are just the place for you. Located off the African west coast, the Cape Verde islands provide incredible scenery and the perfect weather for an exotic vacation.

Tourists love the volcanic peaks, which give a dramatic effect to the beaches and bays. You can shop at the waterfront towns or enjoy hiking through the islands ancient dragon trees and across lava fields.

Valletta – Malta

Having been named Europe’s culture capital of 2018, Valetta is bound to see more tourists this year. Malta is located between Italy and Tunisia, which makes this destination a must visit if you want to experience two different cultures at the same time – you feel like you’ve traveled from ancient Greece to the middle east and back.

There are more cruise ships sailing to Valetta than ever before, and you should try out this destination out before it gets crowded. The most notable stretch is the azure window on the Gozo island. Despite its collapse in 2017, seeing the blue-green water on the amazing beach should be every tourist’s dream.

Top Destinations in Madagascar

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, off the East Africa Coast. It was previously referred to as the Malagasy Republic.  Madagascar may rank as one of the poorest countries in the world with 70% of the people living below the poverty line, but is still among the safest countries owing to the Malagasy culture. It has a wide expanse of white sandy beaches and vast forests.


Due to its rich biodiversity, it is considered a biodiversity hotspot with 90% of its wildlife being endemic species and unique only to the country. For example, the lemur and the see-through chameleon. Listed below are the top 6 must-see destinations in Madagascar.


The capital and the largest city in Madagascar is one of the most vibrant cities in Africa. Crazy and chaotic is perhaps another description you might choose to give Antananarivo and its Malagasy inhabitants. It combines intricate architecture with multi-colored houses winding down the hills, fascinating cultural background of the Malagasy people, and an affluent historical background. It is a few kilometers from the airport and therefore receives a number of tourists.

Andasibe National Park

Andasibe is the most visited area among all the protected areas. The lemur species call Andasibe National Park home. Eleven lemur species including the largest one are found in this park near Antananarivo, its capital. It is also a habitat for several species of reptiles, birds, insects, and batrachians. The area stands on a 100-mile expanse of land and has been further split into two. A tour guide of both areas could take about one to six hours.

Ranomafana National Park

Like the name suggests, Ranomafana National Park is located near the village, Ranomafana. The popular park has amazing scenic views of densely forested hills with springs and beautiful wildlife. One interesting species found in the park is the golden bamboo lemur. It feeds on bamboo shoots which contains doses of the harmful cyanide. Surprisingly, what could be lethal to other animals has been harmless to this lemur. The discovery of this species in 1986 is what led to the creation of the park in 1991. If you dare to venture into the deeper forested areas, you will experience the pleasure of a real wildlife expedition.

Avenue of the Baobabs

This location has made its way to the top visited locations in the country because of its striking and gorgeous view. The dirt road between Morondava and Belon’I hosts the Avenue of Baobabs which consist of about 25 trees standing towering above others and lined up in groups. The trees believed to be about 800 years old, previously existed in a dense tropical forest. Due to human encroachment and agriculture, the forests were cleared leaving the baobabs alone. It has been a focus of local conservation efforts with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Forests, granting it protected status. Plans are underway to make it the first national monument in Madagascar.

Isalo National Park

It is sometimes referred to as the Jurassic Park. Isalo national park has a breath-taking view of landscapes and terrains. The park is located in Madagascar’s central southern region and boasts of steep canyons, sandstone formations, and grassland that is to die for. Guided tours are available in this park and they range from a couple of hours to several days. The Bara tribe consider Isalo a sacred place where burial sites are marked by stacks of tiny stones in the crevices.

Ile Sainte Marie

This beautiful island has a rich history dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. It was a pirate hub with pirate shipwrecks still visible, even today, in the shallow water. It’s a famous attraction site especially for snorkeling lovers due to the crystal clear still water. During summer and early fall, humpback whales can be seen in the island waters as they migrate.

Africa’s Top Destinations

It goes without saying that Africa has a lot of prodigious destinations to offer. Every year, millions of tourist flock different African destinations to view and experience amazing sceneries, wonders of the world in Africa, wildlife, beaches and the ultimate African culture.

Africa’s Top Destinations

Choosing a destination in Africa can be a brainteaser due to the number of attractions available. The key to selecting a destination in Africa is looking for what sites offer a variety of experiences that would be found nowhere but Africa.

Below are the must-visit destinations in Africa.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Egypt enjoys a rich history right from the oldest religious books in the world. Egypt is re-known for the Pyramids which have been recorded in the history books as the wonders of the World. The pyramids date back to 2650BC and were built with 2.5 million blocks of Limestone.

Millions of tourists visit Egypt just to take a glimpse of these magnificent work of art, take photos, and create long-lasting memories and experience. Apart from the pyramids, Egypt has a lot more to offer including historical sites, beautiful hotels, Alexandria sculptures, beaches, temples, and many more tourist attraction features.

Safari’s, Kenya

Kenya is located in the East Africa region and is listed among the top wildlife destination in the world. Kenya has Safari adventures for tourists where you can go for game drive safaris and hot air balloons. It also hosts the Big Five and is home to the last and the only white Rhino in the world. Flamingos located in Lake Nakuru and Bogoria are other unique sites to be experienced in Kenya.

Mombasa in Kenya offers white sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean where you can find Diani beach, Lamu Island, Watamu, and Malindi. Apart from the beach, Kenya is known for the Wildbeast migration which happens once a year.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is host to the largest leaf of falling water in the entire world. The water emanates from the Zambezi river at high volumes leaving a sight of sheer beauty. The local name given to the Fall by the locals is Mosi-oa Tunya “The Smoke that Thunders.” This is due to the misty smoke that emanates from the impact. Get close to the ‘smoke, ’ and you will be left entirely wet.

Victoria falls alone makes this two countries a must visit. However, this is just but one of the reasons to visit, as they also offer wildlife experience and bird sighting.

Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Located in the Namib Desert Spitzkoppe includes a number of Granite peaks with the highest peak reaching up to 1800 meters.

Table Mountain, South Africa

A combination of long beaches and a background view of the Table Mountains located in Cape Town makes it one of the world’s beautiful scenery. The sunset, as well as the sunrise, offers a fantastic view and a perfect background for taking photos with your loved ones.

There are also tones of activities including surfing, cable car to give you a bird’s eye view as you ride to the top of the mesa.

Here are some other ideas for travel in Africa.

Dressing Up for the Airport

Flights are long and uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy. Comfortable leisure wear can still look as good Most people spend so much time obsessing over what to pack for travel and pay little to no attention on the travel attire. Here are some tips of what dos and don’ts when it comes to airport dress codes.

DO’SAirport Dress Up

Bring a cardigan

Airports can get pretty cold so a cardigan is a great way to maintain style and keep warm at the same time.

Wear a maxi dress or skirt

This is very comfortable for moving around the airport and sitting through your designated travel time.

Wear socks

These are great for warmth in the plane and to keep your toes germ free when you remove your shoes at the airport. You will protect your feet from becoming bacteria magnets

Wear compression socks or legwear

These help prevent blood clots and come highly recommended to pregnant women or people with pre-existing medical conditions. You might have to consult with your doctor first.

Carry a big purse

A big purse will come in handy for materials that you will need easy access to. It can even double up a carry-on bag. It can also act as an accessory to your simple outfit.


Don’t wear a belt

You don’t want to the hassle of unbuckling it and putting it through the scanner with a whole line behind you. Opt for well-fitting pants and no baggy sweats or pajamas, please!

Do not over accessorize

A little sparkly of jewelry has the ability to transform a simple outfit into something classy. You might have to save them for occasions that don’t involve security metal detectors. However, if you need them with your particular outfit, save them in your carry on and wear them once you land.

Do not wear ‘fancy shoes’

Comfortable slip ons will do just fine. Avoid gladiator sandals and boots with zippers and laces. You are aiming for comfortability so avoid wearing your heels because who knows if you might have to run to.

Do not wear underwire bras

These wires can trigger sensitive metal detectors leading to a pat down. To avoid all these go for a sports bra or a padded bra.

Do not wear a lot of makeup

Four Reasons to Plan a Trip to Colorado Right Now

Many people across the country and all over the world are often caught up in the spin and hyperbole experienced in the United States of America to the point they forget that this is one of the most diverse and greatest countries of the world. For travelers who admire a plethora or epic natural scenery and snow-capped peaks, visiting Colorado should be a priority. Colorado is one of those beautiful places where you get to experience the Rocky Mountains, more than a thousand peaks and different adventurous activities. If you’ve been wondering where you can get to explore the highest elevation of any state in the United States, it’s time you started parking for Colorado.

Travelers across the country tend to concentrate more on the central states when planning for an adventure not realizing that Colorado is one of the best states to explore. There’s no other place where you can get to experience three hundred days of sunshine a year and one hundred and ninety inches of snow than in this beautiful state. Here are some of the reasons why Colorado should be on your travel list this year.

Outdoor Culture

Looking for a complete natural paradise? Are you one of those travelers who are comfortable doing without beach days? Well, Colorado has exactly what you want. You can start from the Sand Dunes National Park to explore the beautiful landscape, then head to Vail or Aspen for skiing, or spend time at the Rocky Mountain National Park. From exploring the natural beauty of Colorado to camping out to snowboarding and kayaking, there’s more to do here.

The Fantastic Food in Denver

In addition to Denver’s appeal and beauty, there’s more to enjoy here in terms of food. Whether you love pasta with lamb Bolognese, Maine lobster with spaghetti, or a creamy milk chocolate pot, the food here will make your trip more exciting. The seafood house in Denver offers a wide-ranging menu which includes a New England lobster roll, a flight of caviar, paella teeming with squid, sausage, and mussels, and an ever-changing list of oysters.

Celebrate the Endless Festivals

The best time to experience the festival season in Colorado is during summer. Note that there’s something for everyone, from old to young. If you’re a beer lover, summer is the time to come and experience beer festivals in this place. Everything isn’t just about music. In June there’s the Epic Beer Festival, the biggest festival in Denver. You’ll get to explore more than three hundred beers from about one hundred and twenty craft breweries from across the United States. Other festivals include the Greely Stampede from June 27 to July 7 and the countries longest-running while a water festival known as Fibark on June 12 and June 16.

Fly Fishing and the Wildlife

Start from the meandering streams of Granby before heading to the roaring waters of the Colorado River; you get to explore about thirty-five species of water fish. Let’s just say fly-fishing in this state can’t be beat. The state also features wildlife sightings which attract tourists from across the country. There are about 24 million acres of forested landscape in Colorado. From foxes to elks and other non-predatory animals, there’s so much wildlife to explore here.