Top Holiday Destinations In 2018

Planning for a vacation can be quite tasking, especially if you have no idea of places you ought to visit. There is so much to be done, ranging from making a budget and traveling arrangements to picking a suitable place. More often than not, we even decide to go back to that unsatisfying resort we went the previous year. It’s 2018, and you can do much better than that. How about a list of the top destinations which are worth checking out this year?

Top HolidayBotum Sakor National Park – Cambodia

Stretching across Cambodia’s southwestern corner, Botum Sakor is ranked as the largest national park in the country. It has a varied ecosystem, which ranges from coastal plains to a dense evergreen rainforest and grasslands. Tourists enjoy the southwest elephant corridor, which covers over 700 square miles. It boasts quite a big population of elephants, waterfalls, saltwater crocodiles, rare birds and tiny villages.

The high tourist numbers have seen a rise in eco-oriented tented camps, offering affordable accommodation. If you enjoy camping during your vacation, you will definitely love the rainforest sanctuary. Designed with a vintage African theme, the sanctuary offers over fifteen stilted tents for tourists, a bar, and restaurant as well as a spa for an all-out holiday experience.

The Turquoise Coast – Turkey

If your idea of an exciting holiday involves a coastline and getting sunbathed, then this will be such a treat for you. The Turquoise coast is characterized by a glittering blue seaboard, giving you over a three hundred mile loop of a beautiful coastline. You will get to visit tiny fishing villages and sleep in a chic resort of your choice.

Despite the tourist numbers dropping in recent years due to political unrest in the country, 2017 saw a 28% increase. Turkey is slowly reclaiming its lost glory as a top tourist destination, with the numbers set to keep rising this year.

Cape Verde Islands

If you’re all for music, pristine beaches, and rich culture, these islands are just the place for you. Located off the African west coast, the Cape Verde islands provide incredible scenery and the perfect weather for an exotic vacation.

Tourists love the volcanic peaks, which give a dramatic effect to the beaches and bays. You can shop at the waterfront towns or enjoy hiking through the islands ancient dragon trees and across lava fields.

Valletta – Malta

Having been named Europe’s culture capital of 2018, Valetta is bound to see more tourists this year. Malta is located between Italy and Tunisia, which makes this destination a must visit if you want to experience two different cultures at the same time – you feel like you’ve traveled from ancient Greece to the middle east and back.

There are more cruise ships sailing to Valetta than ever before, and you should try out this destination out before it gets crowded. The most notable stretch is the azure window on the Gozo island. Despite its collapse in 2017, seeing the blue-green water on the amazing beach should be every tourist’s dream.