Five exotic destinations

Traveling is not always expensive. Actually, there are a few countries that you can visit with little money. Here’s a list with our top 5 picks budget holiday destinations.

exotic destinations Bali, Indonesia

It is one of the most popular exotic destinations. Traveling here is cheap and Bali has many beautiful temples that you can visit. It also has Safari and the Elephant cave, two of the most beautiful touristic attractions in the area. Marge, from Baltimore Limo Service, just came back raving about the experience.

Of course, Bali has excellent beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming and if you want to tour the island with a local guide it only costs around 20 Euros. The food prices are also low, a lunch at a fast food costs around 2 euros and a restaurant meal for two costs around 20 euros. The hotel rooms are also incredible cheap, the price for a night at a three star hotels starting around 10 euros per night.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is one place that you can never forget. The beach is perfect for relaxation, sunbathing and for surf. Here you can find numerous adventures parks and see real crocodiles and many other interesting animals. The food is really cheap in Jaco, a normal meal at a local fast food in Jaco costs approximately 7 euro and the price for a meal for two at a restaurant costs around 30 euros. The hotels are also affordable prices for a night at a three stars hotel starting from 10 euros.

Montanita, Ecuador

If you ever visit this beautiful destination you will fall in love with it. This village from Ecuador is the perfect place for a low-budget exotic holiday. Here, for approximately 50 euros you can visit Isla de la Plata where you can see whales and plenty of unique species of birds. Montanita is a popular surfing destination and you can take lessons or just stand on the shore and look at the professionals.

Mexico City, Mexico

On the list of exotic destinations that are perfect for a limited budget is the capital of Mexico. This beautiful city has plenty of touristic attraction: The National Museum of History, The National Museum of Anthropology, The Palace of Arts, The Chapultepec Park, The Almeda Central Park and the National Palace. The prices are low in Mexico City and a lunch at a fast food costs around 5 euros. A lunch in a restaurant for two costs around 25 euros.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok offers everything a tourist can dream of. Thailand’s capital is wild, colorful and full of touristic attractions like: The National Museum, The Wang Na Palace and the Wat Traimit Temple. Thailand has a very popular kitchen and you should take advantage of this if you ever visit Bangkok. The prices for a meal from a street food stand is around 2 euros.

Traveling on a budget is easy if you pick the right destination. These five places are our favorites but there are other exotic destinations that are waiting to be discovered.